Should You Invest With Yieldnodes?

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I want to talk a little more to my experience with Yieldnodes, the good points, the not so good points and everything in between

It’s important to remember that past performance isn’t a guarantee of future results, but overall I’ve been very impressed

First to say, overall I’ve deposited €80,000 total – after a number of withdrawals my account is now at €40,000 and generates approximately €3700 per month

I doubled my initial deposit and now ride the profit for as long as it lasts

I personally don’t think these rates can last forever as it would only take me 10 years of compounding to be a billionaire

Withdrawals so far have been successful for me – the team were also super helpful when Coinbase lost a €20,000 deposit incoming from my Yieldnodes account (Coinbase have admitted fault and are working on it, but I still haven’t got that back yet – the importance of only investing what you can afford to lose!!)

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So, back to why you’re here:

Pros – Is Yieldnodes safe?

Great monthly yields – I’m averaging about 7.2% returns per month, even in this long bear market

Simple interface – the website is a touch dated, but the system is fairly simple, and it’s easy to deposit and withdraw

Relatively easy to setup – a simple sign up process is king, though they do require some documents, I assume because they’re preparing to get regulated

Part of a larger project (Deconomy) – visit the Yieldnodes Discord to find out more, but you can see how successful Yieldnodes is becoming as the team buyout and renovate more coin projects each year

Affiliate system to recommend your friends – you can get a 5% commission on friends deposits, which is how this website is funded

Ability to auto-invest profits – simple slider that allows you to auto-compound any amount of monthly returns, which is super convenient


6 month lock up – Each deposit is locked for 6 months from the time you invest it, there is an option to emergency withdraw function but it has a hefty 25% price tag. This is a drawback, but if you know anything about masternoding, then it makes total sense… and it means that you can only use money you definitely won’t need within 6 months

Long liquidation time – On top of the 6 month lock up, there’s also a strict withdrawal window that takes up to 5 weeks to complete. Again, this makes sense based on the way they’re pooling funds to masternode – if you can withdraw at any time, surges could destroy the whole project, so this system aids stability

Unregulated and uninsured – Of course, this is true of all crypto projects and is why you probably Googled Yieldnodes to see if it’s a scam – because nothing is regulated properly in the crypto space yet… that means we can get crazy returns, but it means that little is definitively safe like it would be in a bank

Should you invest with Yieldnodes?

As ever, it’s totally up to you whether you decide to invest – however if you do; consider the classic phrase ‘only invest what you can afford to lose’

This website is designed to show you how I made my decision, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right decision for you. Hopefully it serves as a starter resource so you can do  more research – and to check what I’ve said is accurate!

I decided to invest a significant amount of money, but it’s an amount that won’t ruin me if it’s lost. I won’t be happy about it, just like I’m not happy when I choose a bad stock option or coin to purchase.

Make sure to research responsible investing, especially if you’re new to crypto/investing in general. 







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