What Is Yieldnodes?

Yieldnodes, Masternoding & Rewards

From my experience over the last two years I think the team at Yieldnodes are fantastic – but that trust can only go so far, even if you know the team personally, so I highly recommend only sending funds that you can afford to lose

If you’re happy with that risk, and understand all your Yieldnodes funds could disappear at any time, then you’re in for a fun ride!

I’ve personally doubled my initial deposit, withdrawn it, and now my Yieldnodes account generates an extremely healthy amount every month – I personally did this all within 8 months

I’ve waited to publish this website until I can safely vouch for Yieldnodes and proven to myself that they’re legit by withdrawing my initial funds and now riding ‘house money’

That means, if you’re reading this website, then my experience was a really good one

I repeat, just because I had a great experience doesn’t necessarily mean you will too, try to get as many different perspectives as you can from people who have actually used Yieldnodes

Use your wisdom, and be careful with how much you fund your Yieldnodes account with

What is masternoding?

Most cryptographic networks run off a system of nodes and/or miners. 

Both Proof-of-Work (like BTC, ETH 1.0) or Proof-of-Stake (like GRT, MATIC) networks have a system of decentralised nodes that verify the transactions on the network and support security.

Nodes usually do things like cross-reference different parts of the ledger (the transaction history)of the network, increasing security. 

Guy getting interest with yieldnodes on his laptop

They’ll also carry out network functions, verify individual transactions and allow mining (in Proof-of-Work systems).

Generally, to operate a node, you’ll need some (or a lot of!) technical knowledge, and often a significant amount of the networks coin – for example to validate an ETH 2.0 block, you’ll need 32 ETH (nearly $100,000 USD at the time of writing).

Most networks also have more senior nodes, usually referred to as masternodes.

Masternodes tend to verify the whole network by maintaining a full copy of the network’s ledger, perform important security tasks and maintaining voting infrastructure within the network.

They also require an even larger stake of the network’s cryptocurrency, and advanced technical knowledge (I’ve managed to run nodes in the past, but a masternode is waaaay above my intellect).

Node or masternode operators are then rewarded with more coins – but most importantly for us, it’s super technical and a full-time job!

Although it’s not a great comparison masternoding can provide an ‘APY’ (ROI is better, but I’m trying to make this description useful for the layman crypto investor) anywhere from 5% to 15,000% APY depending on the network, it’s volatility, and network volume. 

It’s a difficult-to-predict world, but experienced masternoders report impressive gains.

How does Yieldnodes earn you interest?

This is where YN comes in – as depositors, we provide the funds to rent servers and supply the required stake. 

YN then manage everything else, all the technical aspects, the decisions about which coins to masternode and how to make the best monthly return

Returns are then portioned out to each depositor based on how much money they used to masternode in their account.

girls earning interest with yieldnodes

How much interest do you earn?

The amount of interest (or more correctly, yield) Yieldnodes pays out each month varies

They promise between 5-15% yield each month – during the first half of 2021, I received ~9-12%, but during 2022 I’ve been seeing ~7-9%

That just goes to show, even in a strong bear market, the returns have historically been fantastic

Because you can auto-compound your returns each month I find my deposits double every 8-9 months

So you end up with returns that are as good as most people get with Defi, but nowhere near the stress!

On the note of Defi, if you’re worried about Yieldnodes running off with your deposits, I feel with their track record so far, you’re more likely to fall foul of a rug pull in Defi than you are with Yieldnodes – that might be my biased opinion though as I found Defi super stressful (though luckily have avoided all the major rug pulls so far)!

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